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Immortals, Witches and Fae. Oh, my!

Jai Lefay, is the author of a range of supernatural, historical, romance, and steampunk fiction books, and short stories. Her books are available via Smashwords and Amazon and all other popular ebook sellers.

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On the blog you will find updates, inspirational and empowerment posts, stories, drabbles, writing prompts, pretty shiny things, lovely landscapes, the ramblings of Jai Lefay and so much more.

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Jai's Wiccad Wonders

From cards to pendants to hats to wreaths and much in between. Everything is created to bring light and beauty into the world and leave you feeling Wiccad and Faebulous!

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But wait, there's more!

Being an Indie Author and a crafter should be enough to keep anyone busy, especially when wife and mother are also part of the job description. But no, that’s not enough for me. Dance Instructor and Performer also became part of my life.

Crown on Dance was born in 2018, a little enterprise by myself and local celebrity burlesque performer, Cherry Boomb. We created our own dance classes to bring fun, dance, fitness, burlesque, and female empowerment together. We run classes in Napier that bring together amazing women to learn, create, and evolve. Click the link above for more info.

Dance leads to dance and 2018 was a busy year for it. I joined The Boombfunk Variety performers and performed in my first shows with them. We have new shows coming to you soon, so make sure to keep up to date.

Dance has always been part of my life and I missed sharing it and being on stage, so these additions brought a fullness to my life that I needed, as well as a fun way to exercise a lot.

So now my days are split between practising choreographies, creating new ones, marketing and running Crown on Dance as well as ThePrincessBard, writing, editing, and all the other fun things that come with the dreaded “Adulting”.

Check out my social media accounts and follow along to keep up with the faebulous adventures I’m having. There is usually something going on.

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And I know, I know, I gotta go
And get back to my pen and ink
Oh don't make me do it,
Don't make me go through it
Can somebody get me a drink!

'Cause it's hard

-Something Rotten! "It's Hard to be the Bard"


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