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The Princess Bard, Justine Dee, is the author of a range of supernatural, historical, romance, and steampunk fiction books, and short stories.

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On the blog you will find stories, drabbles, writing prompts, inspiration, art, pretty shiny things, lovely landscapes, the ramblings of the Princess Bard and so much more.

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And I know, I know, I gotta go
And get back to my pen and ink
Oh don't make me do it,
Don't make me go through it
Can somebody get me a drink!

'Cause it's hard

-Something Rotten!

Truer words have never been spoken, or in this case, sung. Yes, Something Rotten! - It's hard to be the Bard.

I should know, I am one.

As a fifteen year old deciding that I was going to write all the stories in my head down and share them, I never imagined just how hard it was to be the Bard. Nor how rewarding it would be.

This is my passion, these stories must be shared. And here you can find them, they're just waiting for you to become part of them.

So come enter our little kingdom and we can't wait to get to know you. (And many can't wait for you to get to know them.)

Be stellar. Be faebulous. Be Wiccad.

You're welcome.

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