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Why do I write?

Simple; because I have to.

I’ve been creating stories my whole life. I think technically I might have started with Fan Fiction. One of my earliest memories is of me lying in bed creating vivid new episodes of TV shows I loved. If I opened and closed my eyes I could change the show. We were in Papatoetoe, so I was probably 5 or under. I remember imagining an episode of The Littlest Hobo with me in it, a very funny episode of Rainbow, and something with a garden fairy. I’m not sure if that last one was a real TV show or something I made up for myself. I just remember the fairies wore suede leathers in blue and green.

I’ve been creating and imagining ever since. I can’t slow down my brain, and I don’t know what I ever want to. I get at least two new ideas a week for new stories or characters and I try to keep track of them and write them down. It doesn’t always happen. Three-in-the-morning me is a cocky brat who lives in a delusion that she will remember everything in the morning and we don’t need to write anything down.

Spoiler alert: it’s never true.

I do remember enough to have pages and pages and pages of ideas, and folders full of Word docs of barely begun tales. So many great ideas that are sitting gathering virtual dust. But, hey, if I am meant to write them all it means that I have found the key to immortality because there are so many stories to tell that


I have a folder marked ‘Old’ where my early attempts at writing have gone to die. Though some of the ideas might see the light of day one day, the writing won’t.

I’ve come so far as a writer, especially in the last few years. I’ve even developed this new superpower of ACTUALLY FINISHING A BOOK. Well, a novelette, novella, novel, I can finish them now and not just jump straight to the next exciting and fun idea. Even if the new ideas just won’t quit.

Which is why I have to write. For my sanity. For my happiness. Because the voices demand it and really, who am I to argue with them?

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And I know, I know, I gotta go
And get back to my pen and ink
Oh don't make me do it,
Don't make me go through it
Can somebody get me a drink!

'Cause it's hard

-Something Rotten! "It's Hard to be the Bard"


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