I saw another article yesterday about the newest internet sensation writer. http://www.stuff.co.nz/entertainment/books/7702599/Teen-writer-lands-six-figure-deal

Don’t get me wrong I’m happy for her….well sort of, okay I’m downright jealous. 17 million reader views WOW WOW WOW. I just about died the day this blog got 70 views in one day. I am curious as to how people make this happen. Granted I could easily tag myself as….I started as a True Blood fan writer and well that is kind of true I did write my share of True Blood fan fic and the start of Jaidee’s story did start in that world; though it now has no similarity to it other than there are vampires and there are fae, because beyond that my vampires and fae don’t resemble TB’s at all. But will saying things like that help me get published. I’d love to land a six figure deal. Hell at this point I’d love a three figure deal just to get my start. I’d love to be the next 50 shades (But with ability and a good story, sorry to all the fans out there but one page of that and I wanted to shoot myself in the face. Clearly though she did something right somewhere though to have the fan base she does.)

Sorry I’m rambling as I do from point to point without actually saying much. I do that.

Okay let’s focus here.

One: Is it a good thing to be seen as a splash off from some other sensation, or am I okay in feeling that I want to be my own story not something that was inspired from something else just to try and get that fan base on board with me?

Two: What is the right way to go about publishing? Launch a book? Do weekly chapters? Start out free and then charge? Go straight to charging?

Three: How do you go about getting 17 million reader views? I mean seriously, I know some fantastic writers who have got work out there who looked at the 17 million reader views and went just as green eyed as I was.

Four and finally: Where is my fairy godmother to make all my dreams come true. Or do I have to go Rodger and Hammerstein here and stop wishing and start doing? Yeah, I know, it’s the second one isn’t it. *le sigh* Okay, okay but still 17 million reader views!?!

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  1. Oh dear. I hope we don’t have another case of Fifty Shades on our hands. While it does make me jealous that she should get 17 million reader views, I’m not sure I would be happy knowing that my success came from something else. I want to be known for my ideas and my creativity, and not for the ideas of another person!

    I think you may be onto something though, with the idea of giving out a few chapters then charging for the rest.

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