Yesterday with the release of part four of ‘A Queen’s Tale’ I decided that I should put it all together, and I decided that an e-book would be the best way to do so. I talked to a couple of friends who are already published including the ever wonderful @PeterDawes and @keyanadrake (thank you so much to both of you and of course Peter’s partner in crime, I’ll bring the wine when I see you all.) and by lunch time I was on the website Smashwords and reading ‘The Smashwords Style Guide’.

I have to say I found it incredibly easy to follow and soon was playing around in Word.

Hours passed as I played and decided I wanted a book cover if I was going to upload ‘A Queen’s Tale’, my first thought was to turn to my dear friend Bryce. Alas he is living in London now and it would have been two in the morning and he really would not love me any more if I woke him that early for something like that. So I started playing around in Gimp myself, then Sam go inspired and she started playing around in Gimp. One trip to a stock image site and then combined with the graphics already created by Bryce many a year ago for me (the symbol in question which adorns my lower back) and I had a book cover. So my dears, what do you think? I would really love some feedback, constructive or gushing, I don’t mind 😉

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