I feel strange asking for favours and what I want sometimes. My brain or maybe my ego believe these things should happen because I have earned them, and if I don’t get given what I want then I haven’t earned it. Which makes sense in some ways but is ridiculous in others.
So I shall try this thing called asking. And what I want is A Queen’s Tale to be downloaded more. For this purpose I have a deal to make. Two choices. You lovelies get me the 24 downloads I want and I will either
A) Release a Guinevere flashback for Gwyn
B) I will release an audio teaser of me reading a yet unreleased story. Maybe Nyssa’s Tale or perhaps Babypire.
The choice will be made by you my lovelies and popular vote. If you would like either of these let me know which and help get A Queen’s Tale to that magic download number I would love to see. It’s only 24 more. So start sharing that link…
Your time starts….

A Queen’s Tale – https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/255081

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