So autocorrect had some fun with me. In trying to ask why everyone was talking about Twinkies and that I had tried my first one last night and thought it was ewwww…autocorrect was busy changing Twinkies to twin kids and I became the eater of children…. from there much giggling was shared at my expense and then thanks to a sweet friend inspiration took hold. This is what was inspired. A twist on a classic fairy tale that with some luck might grow into something more.

Minerva was a witch and while she had never been a bad witch she had been feared and shunned by all who knew her forcing her to withdraw to a life of solitude and angry loneliness in the woods. She longed for children but no man would come near her, let alone love her and so she was as childless as if she had been barren. Years she lived with this maternal desire until it became something dark and a plan was formed. If no man would give her the children she yearned for then she would take them. She would give them a magical life that would be filled with wonder and gingerbread but they would never leave her forest.

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