Random I know, but it’s true. How many times have we as writers or roleplayers seen a picture, a gif set, or some kind of graphic and had a whole story just explode into our heads. I had it happen years back with my favouritist Fae character Jaidee. I saw a gif set and it inspired a minor character, really just a side story to transition some changes for Jaidee, and some how from that a complete story arc has formed and other characters have sprung forth, and all from a couple of pictures.

It happened again today, a crackship gif on tumblr and I’m inspired again for a story. Granted I hardly need new stories when I have so many others to work on, but at this point I just want the muse happy and to be getting inspired again. I haven’t written much on Babypire and that is bugging me.

Anway, I’ve said a little without saying much at all. Spoilers sweetie. Now I should go and finish getting ready for work. (For reasons unknown I just about said ready for school?!?!?!)

Though I would much rather just stay at home and do this…

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