So if you follow me on twitter you will have heard in passing about some of the projects I am working on. I write a lot with my cosy brain space sharer Sam. We have story after story in the pipelines and are working hard to keep inspired and most of the time to keep on task. I write with a couple of other people, mostly in a Role Play way, but some might see the light of day as novels, short stories or something at some stage or another. The rest is all on me to do. Above I’ve linked a couple of pages that will get more detailed and sorted out as we come closer to the stage of publishing. I have a number of stories I am working on solo, and sometimes it is really hard to stay focused on my own stuff, I am easily distracted by the pretty shiny new idea, or the one that is being written in tandem because it is easier to stay focused when there is someone else involved, especially if you do not want to disappoint that person or your muse. My two main solo focuses at the moment are Eiridis and Nyssa’s story. Nyssa ties back in to the Children of the Immortals series I am working on with Sam, but has decided that she has her own story to tell and that I have to tell it. I’m doing pretty well on it too, I’ve managed to write about 40,000 words so far for her and there is still much more to come. Go me…or rather go Nyssa, really I’m just the scribe. If I can get focused maybe by the end of the year Nyssa and Eiridis will be at the editing point, or for Eiridis at the re-edit point. My biggest problem really is getting to that stage which is why I have so many other novels sitting there half finished, the muse having thrown up her hands at me with them for lack of focus and effort. If I can get these two finished as well as some writing with Sam, I will know I can do it and who knows, maybe then the muse will return to my past efforts and they too might see the light of day.

Here’s hoping.

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