So I had yet another fairy tale like dream last night, these are becoming as much of a habit as the dreams of escape and fleeing. I decided to write this one up and turn it into a story, so this is based on my dream but not it exactly….


“That colour truly does suit you.” The cat remarked and turning slowly in front of the mirror the princess found she had to agree. 

“Of course it suits her or I would not have chosen it. The green brings out the blue of her eyes, the cut compliments her assets and rich forest darkness of the colour makes her skin and the designs glow with health.” The queen remarked as she stood looking over her work. The ball tonight was in celebration of her brothers coming nuptials to this woman and she had taken it upon herself to organise everything including the design of the dress. The cat looked up and yawned. 

“I meant no insult Zamathia but to compliment dress and girl. My master will be most taken, more so than he already is.”

“He will not be able to tear his eyes from his bride of this I am certain.’ There was a smug pride and satisfaction in her words as she looked her work over and the princess blushed fidgeting with the rings that now adorned her fingers. The maids had finished with her jewellery not five minutes before. Each finger wore a matching ring, though the rings varied by design and size they were all designed as one set and each ring symbolised a different aspect of the night and the promise of a lifetime to come, steadfastness, fidelity, fertility, friendship, affection and even passion were among the rings aspects. Her wrists wore beautiful precious and semiprecious gemstone bracelets that locked together a third of the way up her forearm in a soft rainbow of colour. Beneath the skirt of her dress the princess wore two anklets, on her right foot an anklet made of bells and on her left a delicate silver chain with thirteen charms hanging from it. Acorn, star, spiral, cross, owl, bear, rose, feather, tree, moon, trident, raven and horse all hung around her ankle in tiny detail. 

“Stop playing with those.” Zamathia smacked the princess’s fingers with the thin brush she had just picked up from the tray that rested beside them. “Now sit still or the designs will be ruined and we shall have to start again.” The princess sat down on the stool one of the ladies in waiting provided. Her hair was piled on her head. Silver ribbons and crystals were woven through it in an intricate design, strands of hair falling about her face and neck. These strands were moved aside as the quick setting paint was applied to her face, neck and that of her chest that was revealed by the dress. The princess could not see the pattern they painted and she did her best to sit still so it would not be smudged and ruined.

She was nervous to see her prince this night and be presented as his intended bride. But still, nervous as she was, every time she thought of him and the life they were to share together in this foreign land that was his home she could not help but smile and feel her chest tighten with the overwhelming feelings that such thought stirred in her. Her prince was like no other man she had known before and he stirred such an intensity of emotion and love in her she wondered often if she might be undone by it. That he shared the same intensity of love and affection for her was a wondrous miracle in the eyes of the princess who had long been trapped in misery by such wicked treachery before her rescue had come at the hands of her prince. She had almost given up on rescue but he had come and in the instant her eyes had met his she had lost not only her heart but her soul to him. 

“Have we lost you mistress?” One of the girls in waiting teased the princess when she did not come out of her thoughts even after they had finished painting her fair skin. The princess giggled in reply.

“Forgive me my mind was elsewhere.” 

“The same place me masters mind lingers I would wager lass.” The large ginger tom cat winked at girl and princess as he looked up from where it seemed he had been sleeping but the crafty animal did not miss a thing. “Shall I go now and tell him all things are ready mistress?”  He spoke now to Zamathia again. 

“Very well go to my brother and tell him I shall bring her to him before the bell tolls five. We shall enter on its first stroke.” 

“It shall be as you say mistress.” One final stretch and the cat leapt from the table top and made its way from the room. The princess watched the beast leave, her stomach growing in knots and butterflies as she waited to be presented to her love once more suddenly nervous she would no longer be so acceptable to him and he might yet change his mind about his desire to wed her and claim her as his own for all the remaining days he had breath in his body.

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