This is just a random post, but I have a problem. I’m a ship-a-holic. What’s worse is that most of my ships are original characters and the world is not crazy in love with them too. Honestly, I am more in love with my RP/writing ships than I am for most movie and TV ones.

For those of you going “What is she talking about boats for?” What I mean is when you like two characters together, in a possibly creepy and obsessive way.

I do have my movie and TV ships. I ship Natasha and Clint together in The Avengers, but then I ship Natasha with Steve in Captain America. I have my Once Upon a Time ships, and thank god most of them are canon.

And I have come across ships that I cannot stand or cannot understand but I still respect the shippers right to ship them.

Last night while in the Jennifer Morrison tag I came across a post where the person said they wanted to literally burn Captain Swan and Outlaw Queen shippers with acid. Excuse me what? I was not at all surprised to find out what ship they sailed with. There is one ship that I have found in the Once Upon a Time fandom to have members who are violent and hateful. They have threatened and been cruel to the actors from the show. This isn’t on.

This kind of obsessive fan behaviour can be found across the board. AND IT HAS TO STOP. I’ve been bullied by fans of Beiber for not liking his music, I was actually told to kill myself. THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE BEHAVIOR PEOPLE. I’ve been attacked by Supernatural fandom members because of my views, and I have been disgusted by the hate I’ve seen in other fandoms. Like a dearest friend of mine being attacked for not shipping Swan Queen, the abuse she suffered was insanity.

People. I get that we are passionate about who we like, characters, love stories, bromances, everything, but there is no place for that to turn to hate. If you want to attack someone else for their likes and interests it is time to shut down the computer and go for a walk.

This world has enough negativity in it, let’s not make it worse, let’s not make people feel bad. Love what you love, accept what others love ESPECIALLY IF IT DOES NOT HURT YOU! And yes, you can take this and apply it everywhere else. Stop being jerks in life. For the love of god.

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