I’ve been thinking about doing an ongoing story on here for a while. I was leaning towards continuing No Captain Will Save Our Souls, and I might do that one next. But I am missing my girl Briar and I want to write for her. Some of you might know her from when I had the ETM site, some might know her from the world of RP on twitter and Tumblr. She is a pushy madame, and she wants words and a big storyline.

And what Briar wants, she often gets.

Everything always played out in black and white or the vibrancy of red in her soul. Blood, passion, darkness and light. This was who she was and who she would ever be. She had learned to own it instead of letting it own her.

Briar Gordon is her name, and this new chapter of her life will involve visiting the past. So if you don’t know Briar yet, don’t worry. You won’t be at a loss.

I’m going to try and post for her weekly, so this week you will get the first instalment of the story. I’m not sure how many weeks it will play out over, we’ll see how the muse goes. But I hope you enjoy her story when it begins.

Are you excited?

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