Last night I dreamed that I was this big successful and famous advocate for woman’s rights and equality. I’ve been thinking about it since I woke up. I think there are some who would say I would make a terrible advocate. These would be the people who have attacked me for my view on being a woman.

See, here’s the thing. I think women should be equal with men, equal but different, because we are different, we have all these years of evolution that have built our bodies and everything different. I mean that isn’t to say that a woman can’t be as strong and as big as a man, but I’m speaking in those evil generalisations here.

I like being feminine and soft, I like asking a man to open a stuck jar lid or Tui bottle cap for me so I don’t hurt my delicate hands, and they are delicate. I like knowing that my male friends will step in and protect me, I also like knowing I can and have protected myself and my friends from attack.

I like wearing dresses and make up and dressing up and being told I’m pretty/hot/sexually appealing. I like shaving my legs, I like not shaving my legs and I will never shave my forearms. I don’t find arm pit hair hugely appealing but I wouldn’t tell someone to shave if they liked it, hell I prefer hairless men at times, it’s personal preference, and okay maybe some of it is society programming, and if a woman wants hair down there then fucking go for it. If a guy won’t be with you if you have natural hair then he isn’t fucking worth your time and needs to grow up and stop watching too much porn.

I like knowing that random men and women find me attractive, I don’t like them using that as a reason to make me feel uncomfortable or act without my consent. I like being pretty and I like being sexy…even if 80% of the time I won’t believe you if you tell me that I am.

All that said I would love to be able to talk to girls and women around the world and help them be stronger in themselves, this world is such that we are often feeling something negative about ourselves, whether it’s because we’ve been made to feel too fat, too skinny, the wrong colour or shape, too imperfect, or if it’s because we don’t get the respect we fucking deserve from those around us, or we don’t get paid fairly or given the same opportunities because of what we have in our bra and panties.

We should feel confident about who we are, in all our similarities and differences, and maybe that dream wasn’t so farfetched after all.

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