Be Wiccad, Be stellar, Be faebulous,

About the Bard

Jai Lefay formerly Justine Dee, aka The Princess Bard, is the author of The Tales of the Wiccad, the Shadow of Avalon series, and is seemingly a conduit for an endless stream of stories and voices.

Jai is a creator by nature and not just of words but also as a crafter. Jai makes a range of necklaces, earrings and pendants, crafts WiccadWithin cards and decorates hats. All pieces are for sale unless otherwise stated and she is open for commissions.

She lives and writes in the mystical land of New Zealand, where she dances when lacking in inspiration, sings loudly and often, and is usually happily lost in the realms of myth, legend, and fantasy.
When she returns to reality she is a huge fan of dark chocolate covered almonds, coffee, the three main men in her life: her husband, her son, and regal Reilly the mini panther, as well as her other loved ones and lovelies.

About Wiccad

Wiccad is Jai's passion. She believes that being Wiccad is not just about phenomenal cosmic power as in the books but about finding the power within ourselves. Jai is on a journey to find her power and to find her light so she can light up her Kingdom. She is passionate about helping others to do the same and to be the best version of themselves that they can be.