So, as some know, I started my life off on the path of Christianity. I flitted around denominations and spent most of my time at a co-operating parish. (If you’re wondering it was Anglican, Presbyterian, and Methodist.) I even dabbled at a Baptist church for the sake of my boyfriend. (Got kicked out of the youth group for asking questions about discrepancies, and labelled a whore and a slut for reaching out to a male who was clearly gay and clearly self-harming. I gave him my phone number so I clearly wanted to seduce him…)

Right, getting off topic.

So that’s where I started and even though my journey has taken me down many other avenues of experience and learning and spirituality, I still have a connection and fascination with things that are often labelled Christian. Like angels, demons, stigmata, possession. And after watching an episode of X-Files last night entitled All Souls, my brain is back in that mode. I could go into why I think that these things interest me but I believe that is probably another post in itself, or, more likely, a story. (It wouldn’t be the first time I wrote about angels, demons or any other kind of religious supernatural occurrence.)

Angels statue in ruins

So, what I would love from everyone is your favourite or most interesting books, movies, TV-Shows that deal with these concepts. Factual or fictional, I want to know what they are.

Al and I are already talking about a Millennium re-watch. I have loved that show since it came on TV, even if a few episodes led to me having issues with dark and stormy nights and staircases.

And, as I have elements of these concepts woven into the books and stories to come, I would love to learn more and experience other interpretations of them.

So, fire away, what should I be watching or reading?

4 thoughts on “Angels, demons and a question

    1. Joan of Arcadia was such a great show, I never got to see past the first season I think though. And I loooooved Stigmata and The Rite, I have both on DVD and they’ve been watched multiple times. And given my mood, might be again.

  1. I re read the book “The Shack” I see it is out on movie now. I couldn’t face seeing the movie, I can read terrible things but seeing then gives me nightmares and takes me back to my worst childhood memories, I found it got more out of it this time I read it. I too had a life brought up as a Mormon, left it as I asked too many questions and all I could see was hipicritism, got ex communicated. changed to Anglican when my mother passed away,and was baptized as an adult, as if I died tomorrow, I wanted to belong to something. ( as I felt I needed spirituality in my life). I also keep in touch with Glenda, angle spiritual lady who gives me advice when I need it on life questions.

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