Nineteen years ago I was a nervous young woman. I was waiting to go on my first date with this guy I had known for probably about six months, and who I had probably been in love with for about four months. I was young and new to real love but I was pretty sure this was what it was and why my stomach was in knots. Now, nearly two decades later we’re having the nineteenth anniversary of our first date. The anniversary of going down to see the super yachts in the Auckland CBD. And the anniversary of him snorting L&P out of his nose laughing too hard at something I said. The anniversary of me staying out way too late and not regretting it at all.

So, to honour nineteen years together, I wrote a poem.

The night could have taken us anywhere And it took us here

You and me together on a beach

Beneath a cloudless sky

You and me sitting

Hand to hand, eye to eye

Words spoken and promises made

A moon for a witness shining above

Listening and smiling

For our promises of love

And we’re promising a future

That we both want to be

We’re promising our hearts

Just you and me

And time seems to jump

Like the blinking of our eyes

And now we’re sitting under sunshine

But it’s still the same you and I

And we’re sitting side by side

Grin to grin

Did we really know that night

What would truly begin

Did we think that promises made

Would really come to pass

Did we ever understand that in this world

Love could still last

Because it seems like yesterday

Not nearly two decades ago

Did we really imagine

Did part of us know

Under that moon full of wonder

New hearts full of love’s bliss

It could have taken us anywhere

And it led us to this

The sun hot above us

I love you said out loud

Nineteen years later

I still can’t get enough of that sound

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