I just watched the movie Beastly. It got me all inspired with ideas for writing. Could you love yourself no matter what you saw in the mirror, not matter what you thought you looked like. Could you let anyone else love you if you could not love yourself, could you believe they saw your beauty if you did not? Could you find the beauty within when the outside is taken away? Is beauty more than an image in a mirror and can the soul shine through?

So I have this voice in my head now, who isn’t actually that hard to relate to because so many, myself included, have been raised by society to not like what we see in the mirror, by media, by bullies, by ourselves, we have trained ourselves to see the ugly whether it exists or not. This is the curse that many of us bear without an evil witch involved.

Also am I alone in that I actually preferred the main character in Beastly as the Beast? I was kind of disappointed when he changed back.

I was inspired to write a poem too…

When you are with me
I can see beauty
In this world, this life
In me

The world darkens
When you aren’t by my side
And somehow I feel like I’m out of time
Alone in the darkness I can’t see
I can’t even begin to be
The woman you brought forth
The beauty you gave life
All I see is this misery
Trapped like a beast in the night

I can’t begin to explain
Please don’t go away
With you by my side
I come to life

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