Shout out to my big ladies on social media. You shine!

Some days it is so scary to be one of the big ladies online. There are days where that little voice goes on a comparing rampage and you have to take a giant troll hammer to the voice so it goes away. Oh, okay, so many everyone else isn’t channelling Buffy guest stars to deal with their negative voices, but sometimes it is useful.

Worse in some ways than that voice is those helpful people who are worried about our health. I have to say, I hate those people. The ones that assume I’m unhealthy and I should do what the skinny people do if I want to be worthy.

And worse than those people are the ones who tell me I shouldn’t post or perform because no one wants to see that. Legit, prior to a show last year I was told I shouldn’t take the stage with my beautiful fellow performers because I wasn’t going to turn anyone on looking like I did.

Pretty sure none of us were getting on stage that night to get anyone hard…

But these are the things we deal with when we post ourselves up there. The judgement is real, sometimes from ourselves, and sometimes from the people who have decided they should have an opinion on lives that have nothing to do with them.

It is hard.

Today isn’t a great day for me mentally. Real talk, hormones are on the rampage, glitter crash is real and lack of sleep is a killer bitch. So, it took me hours to post up a video of me having a joyful time doing what I love because I was comparing, and I was scared. I didn’t want to be judged and have something joyful destroyed.

Which is silly I guess because in doing so I was starting to ruin my own joy.

But I took a giant troll hammer to the troll thoughts and beat them into oblivion.

And I posted that video up onto Instagram

It is scary sometimes to be on social media as one of the big ladies. And it shouldn’t be. We have the right to embrace our joy and share it. We have the right to exist and thrive and embrace our happiness.

And we’re not going to let anyone take that from us.

I am not going to, and I am going to support and cheer on everyone else who is struggling to share their joy because of fear of a toxic society. For whatever reason, because I know all too well that it’s not just fatphobia that is out there in social media land. I have got your backs, all of you.

I want to see your joyful times and jump up and down with you in your happy excitement. Flood social media with your smile and your brilliance because when you are happy, you shine. I want to see the shine. I want us all to shine together.

My task for you today is to like and comment on people shining, show them love, show them support or acceptance. Let’s flood the timelines with love and support. Let’s share the shine.

And for my big ladies out there, Mika had it right

3 thoughts on “Big Ladies Shine

  1. Awww what happened to Mika?? I loved him so much! Also, I can completely relate to the fear of putting yourself out there and being judged and I take my hat off to you my dear because you feel the fear and do it anyway. You shine bright my lovely xx

    1. He’s still around I believe, though the most recent song I heard was Popular which I LOVED.
      Aww, thank you, Lovely. You deserve to shine bright without fear ♥♥

  2. Wow you are amazing…….. I know how hard it is to put yourself out there and be vulnerable. you rock and your star shines brightly……… the brilliance is blinding. you go girl and don’t let the negativers, naysayers and down right nasty people stop you from shining brilliantly. Fear is a dreadful thing to deal with everyday, but you rock through the fear and we love you for it. we need your brilliance to give us the courage to get out there and enjoy life to the fullest. love Lizzie 🙂

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