It’s my Hatchday.

My wondrous 37th birthday! And this means that my novelette Thief in the Night is out for purchase on Amazon Kindle.

Novelette book cover for Thief in the Night

Birthdays are special occasions, even when you’re a Victorian con-woman who has no one to celebrate with.

Nerissa Firth is a talented thief, so each birthday she challenges herself to steal her own present. Fate leads her to the home of Professor Robin Torres, classical historian and lecturer. But the fates are not done with her yet. Will Nerissa find a worthy birthday present to steal, or will Professor Torres be the one taking what he wants?

Join the birthday celebrations in this sexy novelette, and meet Nerissa and Robin before they join the ongoing saga of the City of the Wiccad.

A few of you read the original story which has now been edited and ties into the City of the Wiccad series. Which makes me very, very, happy. Nerissa also appeared in my other novelette An All Hallows’ Haunting, so she’s getting around now.

Thief in the Night is my raunchiest published story to date. (Not my raunchiest ever, I think a few other characters hold claims to that title.) But it’s definitely up there, so fair warning not to read this while at a picnic with Nuns.

It would make me ever so happy if you could buy this little tale and help make my birthday a brilliant one. Granted, you can buy all the books if you haven’t already and make me jump with glee. You can find them via the Book page or via my Amazon Author page.

So far, my Hatchday is going wonderfully and I feel very loved which is an awesome feeling. I also feel quite spoiled. Also, a faebulous feeling. I’ll take a new photo of my shelf of badassery once I have added Sarah and Worm from Labyrinth to it.

Happy Hatchday to meeeeeee. Stay Wiccad and Faebulous. I love you.


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