Somewhere I belong

I never lost a best friend to suicide growing up but I did see the world change when people I knew were gone. And I’ve watched the world change when people I knew but never knew me were gone. Most people know I have struggled at different places in my life. Knowing now the cause […]

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Big Love is over but this is just beginning

Big Love is over. Where did six weeks go? For those that don’t remember, Big Love was a workshop with motivational speaker and all-around epic lady, Lisa O’Neill. We tackled mind, body, heart, environment, relationships, purpose and EVERYTHING in between. It was some serious work to honestly look at every aspect of myself, and my […]

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Peggy Carter

Howard, no! – A Peggy Carter tale

So after 4500 words on Faeted Tales, I allowed the muse to run with today’s prompt and allowed it to write some Marvel’s Agent Peggy Carter Fan Fiction. Enjoy! Howard, No! “I am not licking that.” “I’ll give you twenty dollars,” Howard offered, stumbling slightly even though he was standing still. “Twenty whole dollars? I […]

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Would you like a Sci Fi story?

So with today’s story writing prompt on Twitter: And with a funny conversation with @SheWhoShipsCS on Twitter yesterday that came from a verbal typo and evolved into a random story idea that she insisted I must write. I got inspired to jot down a few words. What do you think? Should I turn this into […]

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Angels, demons and a question

So, as some know, I started my life off on the path of Christianity. I flitted around denominations and spent most of my time at a co-operating parish. (If you’re wondering it was Anglican, Presbyterian, and Methodist.) I even dabbled at a Baptist church for the sake of my boyfriend. (Got kicked out of the […]

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The Bloodied Briar story header

The Bloodied Briar – Part 5

The Power of a Whisper “Sometimes the greatest damage can be done not with an attack but with a whisper.” Nathaniel placed his hand on Briar’s shoulder as she stared in front of her. She recognised the place in front of her, it was Central Park in New York. And she recognised the frozen figure […]

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