It’s been a busy week, school is on a two-week break here at the moment which means less time for writing and crafting and more time for being a fun Mum and trying not to feel motion sick as K shows me the new Minecraft world he’s built.

He’s been off with his Nana and Aunty the last couple of nights and because of it, I got 2,000 words written on one of the Faeted Tales projects. Faeted Tales is currently winning the poll for Which Book Should Be Released Next, which you can still vote on. I think I’ll make my decision¬†final decision this weekend, so if you want your opinion heard, get in now.

This week has been more productive as I embrace lists. I was having horrid nights of sleep and dreams, dealing with issues and just generally feeling on the crap side of the fence. So I devoted a half an hour after I got up to making a list of how I was going to use and prioritise my time. It’s been very effective. (Though terrifyingly my list was two pages of my A4 size notebook long….obviously a few things will be on next week’s list.)

One of the exciting things to come out of this week is starting my new weekly series The Bloodied Briar, which is also now on Wattpad so all those cool kids who read there can follow it.

The other cool thing I achieved this week is learning new tricks for hat decoration.

This was one of my original creations:

Designed and decorated hat

Now thanks to online tutorials I will be attempting far more epic concepts for fantasy and steampunk themed hats. I even have one I’m designing with a Doctor Who theme, there will be pictures once it’s done. In fact, I’m thinking once a week there might be a post around my creations as I move towards opening my own Etsy store.

So yes, a lot to come on the blog and elsewhere across social media. Remember if you want to keep up to date you can subscribe by email to the blog up there on the right-hand side menu.

Until next time, be stellar, be faebulous, be Wiccad.

*blows kisses*


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