We’re bringing the Boomb to Fringe in the Stings 2019.

Last year at Fringe in the Stings was my official return to the stage after playing Stage Kitten for the Boombfunk Variety at the 4th of July show. It was scary as heck to be back and not just back, but going solo. (And the OD on Red Bull at one show did not help my nerves at all.) I’ve developed a lot as a solo and group performer since then. I’ve performed a number of times more, as well as the fact that I am choreographing and dancing my little heart out at Crown On Dance. Performing is really like riding a bike, it all comes back to you even if you’ve been out of the spotlight for more than a decade.

So, one year later, along with the other gorgeous and talented ladies of the Boombfunk family, I’m returning to Fringe in the Stings at the Common Room in Hastings for one night only, October 12th 9:30 pm.

Lady Jai Lefay

It’s going to be a blast!

With Boomb, we’re bringing modern burlesque to the stage. We won’t be finishing with a boxing match, which it turns out was a common occurrence in the early 1900s New York burlesque scene as I found out researching “All that Glitters Must Die” for the ‘Dark Conjurings Anthology’ but more on that in my next blog post. Burlesque has an interesting history, and a bright and sparklingly future!

At Boomb you will find feather fans, boas, gloves, and glitter. ALL THE GLITTER *coughs* I mean, what is a Burlesque show without a bit of sparkle! We’ve got a variety of acts, showcasing different avenues of this discipline. I’m excited to explore new styles myself in one of my brand spanking new acts. (Your hint for this number is that I’ll be wearing a hat.)

I, of course, cannot wait to see what Lisa, Cici, and Cherry all bring to the stage as well!

We’ll be joined at Boomb by two of our lovely Showgirls, Duchess Kitty De-Lite, and the Lady of Lovely, Aroha. (Not her actual Burlesque name, but we’re working on it!) The Duchess will be part of Fright Night as well, taking her spot in the spotlight. But more on the Boombfunk Halloween show in a future blog post, but you need to get onto tickets ASAP.

Boomb is going to be a beautiful burlesque extravaganza, and not to be missed. You can purchase tickets to this intimate experience via the Fringe in the Stings.

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