Shop Name Jai's Wiccad Wonders

Jai’s Wiccad Wonders

Jai’s Wiccad Wonders is here! Yes, that’s right, Jai’s Wiccad Wonders has come into being. First of all, I’d like to say thank you to everyone who voted on names for the shop side of being a Holistic Creatrix, it really helped and meant a lot to me that you took a few moments out […]

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Collage of Crafts and Jewellery

Name my craft store

I have a growing collection of crafts I’ve created and a growing collection of items to use for making faebulous things and I really need a craft store to sell them. I’ve been researching for a while, and a marketing guru advised that it would be better to have a separate social media account for […]

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Wiccad Within Cards and a Vlog

Time to feel Wiccad Within I have been meaning to get the Wiccad Within cards I’ve been crafting out for sale for a while now. So, I decided what better way to get the information out about the cards than with a Vlog (Video blog). Therefore, I have made a video and you can watch […]

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