Big Ladies Shine

Shout out to my big ladies on social media. You shine! Some days it is so scary to be one of the big ladies online. There are days where that little voice goes on a comparing rampage and you have to take a giant troll hammer to the voice so it goes away. Oh, okay, […]

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Embrace the curves collage

Embrace the Curves

It’s September here in Aotearoa, New Zealand. Not sure how that happened, I swear it was August just yesterday. (We’re starting with these kinds of jokes…are you surprised?) I haven’t blogged much but life has been pretty busy and pretty amazing. And a lot of this comes down to the fact I’ve started to embrace […]

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Planning brain storming

Helping people transform

Recently I did another motivational course. I walked away from it a little letdown. This course lacked the interaction that I feel is so important for helping people change their lives. It’s all very well to talk at people and give advice but when one does not actually respond their feedback does not really give […]

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Napier waterfront

Nature is a gift

Yay Nature. Nature is a gift, one that sadly is not what it used to be in some places and one that not everyone can enjoy. Now, this isn’t a piece on environmentalism, I am not well versed enough to stand on that box. Plus, a quick search on the interwebs will take you to […]

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The Art of the Unplug

Unplug your life Do you ever have that feeling where you know what you need to do but you also have excuses for not doing it? That has been me for a number of days. It’s possible the feeling started before that, but it was in the last week that it became strongest. On Tuesday […]

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Success? Am I a success?

What is success? I’ve been feeling lately that I’m walking a line of failure because I haven’t achieved the financial success that I use as the bar for what I’ve achieved, and while that can be a valid marker for viewing success because we live in a society where everything costs, is it the best […]

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A Bully free zone

It’s a truth that I place my worth on too many things that I shouldn’t, and I look at the people I admire and end up using them as another way to pull me down. It’s true I bully myself and think negatively when I think about me. Do you know how often I overheat […]

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Way of the Wiccad

Day 1 Wiccad isn’t about having phenomenal cosmic powers. That kind of thing is for the books and movies (oh, they will come). Wiccad is about embracing your destiny. Wiccad is about embracing the faebulous person you were born to be. It is about cultivating your strengths and making yourself a force for good, a […]

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The Warrior

I always wanted to change the world. It starts with changing myself. I’ve been scared for a while now, of what trying means, of what following my dreams could lead to. I look around and see performers, writers, artists, creators, believers, lovers, all being attacked with hate. I did not want that because I am […]

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