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Become a Patron. But what does it mean to be a patron on Patreon? Well… Do you want first access to countless tales as they come to life? Want to know what happens to Briar on her quest for answers and powers? Want to know how it would go if Snow White, Rose Red, and […]

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Writing Spaces – Where do you write?

Writing Spaces – We all have them I was reading a post by ‘Practical Magic’ author, Alice Hoffman about where her writing spaces and the evolution of that as technology unchained her from a desk, and I thought about where I write. I write everywhere, I always have. But I do find sometimes I miss […]

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Halloween Book Cover Winner.

Congratulations, Becca Diane, the winner of a Halloween Book Cover. I must apologise for the delay in announcing the book cover winner. I did draw it on Friday the 13th as promised, unfortunately, time and real-world obligations got in the way of doing the blog post that day. So here we are, better late than […]

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Book Cover

Want a Book Cover? Or to Win One?

Writing a book is one thing, creating a book cover is another. It’s been a thorn in my side, especially for someone like me just starting out. Some of us do not have much of a budget to work with and $800 is not something we can justify (especially those of us who quit our job […]

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Peggy Carter

Howard, no! – A Peggy Carter tale

So after 4500 words on Faeted Tales, I allowed the muse to run with today’s prompt and allowed it to write some Marvel’s Agent Peggy Carter Fan Fiction. Enjoy! Howard, No! “I am not licking that.” “I’ll give you twenty dollars,” Howard offered, stumbling slightly even though he was standing still. “Twenty whole dollars? I […]

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Would you like a Sci Fi story?

So with today’s story writing prompt on Twitter: And with a funny conversation with @SheWhoShipsCS on Twitter yesterday that came from a verbal typo and evolved into a random story idea that she insisted I must write. I got inspired to jot down a few words. What do you think? Should I turn this into […]

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