It’s been a while, and I know I’ve said it before, but I want to blog more regularly and it’s not like I don’t have plenty to talk about. I want to start with Marilyn Monroe since she’s on my mind lately.

I’ve been captivated by her beauty and style since I was little. Her and Diana both had this way about them I wanted to have. I never knew about her life in those days, she was just this lovely movie star who died too young.

Now I know so much more about her, the tragedy, the strength, the flaws, the things she did for others… I loved reading about the friendship between her and Ella Fitzgerald, and that Marilyn was willing to step up for that friendship.

Marilyn Monroe and Ella Fitzgerald

I think I love Marilyn more now than I did when I was younger. The Pin Up ladies often seem to have someone they are inspired by and emulate. I want Marilyn to be my inspiration for that, for show time and for a photo shoot.

Yes, a photo shoot, you read that right.

I am captivated by a number of Marilyn photos, ones that aren’t the ones you often see used when people are posting about her. I want to remake those photos with my own take on them as a homage to her and to work on my confidence.

Marilyn Monroe photos

And yes, I said Showtime. I have a few ideas for Marilyn inspired pieces I want to create dance-wise. And I have found a costume of hers that I am just dying to have made for me one day so I can find a way to use it. (I have some ideas already as that I might be able to use for a future Boombfunk Show.) It’s so gorgeous and I really do need more green in my wardrobe.

Marilyn Monroe Green Gown

And not to let any aspect of the creative process be left out… I’ve even started a short story inspired by Marilyn Monroe, along with Rick O’Connell and cryogenics. It’s going to be a romantic little short story if I can work out what happens next. That stuck point was one of the reasons for looking at photos to get some inspiration. I did not exactly expect to find inspiration for costumes, photoshoots and dances but the muses have their own ideas at the best of times.

So, the story remains untouched this week, but the wheels are turning.

Maybe it’s time to listen to some Marilyn inspired music.

And if you need something to read while you wait for this, be sure to check out my other short stories.

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