City of the Wiccad is coming to Smashwords and it’s having a makeover!

The first two episode books that have been published on Amazon are being broken down into their original bite-sized Acts (novelettes) and given new book covers. Episode 1 will be Acts 1-4 and Episode 2 (My Fair Catherine) will be Acts 5-7


More importantly, the brand new Act 8 ‘Witch Warning’ will be released, taking us back to Maggie’s home, the danger Gabby brings to the house and the murders that are gripping the City. Act 9 will follow promptly after. I am so excited.

But first, who wants to see the pretty new book covers for the Acts, collections and side stories?

You do? Then follow this way. Can I get a trumpet or a drum roll please? I give you

Purdy new book covers for City of the Wiccad

Book Cover Make Over


These will be going live on Smashwords over the next week, along with a cover update for A Queen’s Tale as well to show my reclaimed Pen Name. The new stories in that series will be coming soon too and are in the final editing stages.

I know things have been a lot slower than I wanted but I wanted to make sure everything was at a high level and that takes a long time when you’re a Lone Wrangler. I hope it’s all worth the wait.

So, if you’ve already read City of the Wiccad: Episode 1, and My Fair Catherine – City of the Wiccad: Episode 2 then you will be excited for Witch Warning, Act 8 in the series. Things are kicking into high gear in the City and no one is safe from The Order’s influence.

Keep an eye on the blog and social media for updates as the books go live on Smashwords and then roll out across other platforms.

Until then,


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