Oh yes, gather around, children, and come in close, this is the City of the Wiccad Makeover explained. Just a friendly little PSA as we are live on Smashwords. That’s right, you can head to Smashwords and get a hold of everything I have released all made over. I even made lovely graphics to make explaining the makeover and what you’ll find all the easier. Actually, I should just let the graphics speak for themselves rather than nattering on. Here we go…

City of the Wiccad Makeover Explained

But wait, there’s more for the City of the Wiccad makeover explained…

City of the Wiccad Makeover Explained

City of the Wiccad Makeover Explained

Clear as mud? I hope maybe a little clearer than that. So, now that the makeover is explained. Perhaps I should let you know something else?


First off, there is another novelette already up on Smashwords along with the back catalogue of City of the Wiccad. This was a special story of the month on Patreon and is now available for everyone to read. I give you, Emerald Untouched

A city of the wiccad tale



Years have passed since Gabby was first united with the Succubus that now twists up her soul. Gabby is good at carrying out the orders she is given, and the Succubus is always well fed. This time Gabby is being sent to find an agent of Queen Victoria’s Shadow Guard and stop her from completing her mission, but will Gabby have met her match when she comes face to face with this woman in the emerald green dress?
Set before the City of the Wiccad series, this novelette shows a glimpse into Gabby’s life before she is sent after Father Jeremiah and Benjamin Fletcher, and introduces The Shadow Guard, Queen Victoria’s private supernatural task force.


You want more?

Shortly to be released is the completely new, never before released, next Act in City of the Wiccad, taking us back to Gabby, Bessie, Meggie, and the other lovelies from the first Acts.

City of the Wiccad Act 8


Gabby has come clean to Benjamin about why she sought him out, but it would be wishful thinking to expect The Order to let the assassination order drop. Gabby is not out of danger and neither are those she cares about. The Order is not going to sit back and do nothing. When they act, no-one in Maggie Baker’s household will be safe.

Benjamin has no choice, he asks Maggie to extend her protection to Gabby and he turns to the only other person he can think of to help keep the City, and those he loves, safe – his Aunt Peggy. Peggy Pritchard who along with her husband lead Queen Victoria’s elite supernatural task force, The Shadow Guard. But is Peggy all that she seems to be? Will she protect Gabby or do what she is tasked to do and drive evil all out of the City.



I’ll give it to you next week. What? That’s too long to wait? How about my birthday on Friday? You still don’t want to wait that long?

Oh, fine. How is tomorrow? Okay, tomorrow Witch Warning – City of the Wiccad Act 8 will be available for purchase on Smashwords.

These changes will roll out to Amazon soon, but in all honesty, I feel more and more icky about using them. And you can always send Smashwords Mobi file to Kindle to read on there anyway. (Let me know if you need instructions on how to do that.)

I am so excited! I can’t wait to share more with you.

Until tomorrow,



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