I have long loved stories of Victorian England, both historically accurate and ones that bring in a touch of the supernatural or steampunk. (Okay, the steampunk is new but the supernatural thing goes way back, Dracula was probably the first.) So, it really was not a surprise that the muse started bringing me characters set in that period.

It was not my first time dabbling, I was part of an epically wonderful Role Play set in those times and I was very sad when it died, as, alas, often happens in the RP world.

City of the Wiccad was born about five characters into a Victorian setting. It’s been a hard time trying to figure out who should start off the story with so many main players and amazing stories to be shared with you all.

Gabby became the story that really wanted to be told first, followed by Mother Maggie. And since the two stories weave through each other, their stories became the basis for the first book of City of the Wiccad.

But who are Gabby and Mother Maggie?

Well, how would you like a little introduction to how each of their stories begin? Jaidee agrees that is the best way to begin. And she would know, she is after all the Bard of the Wiccad, and the narrator of our City of the Wiccad tales.

So today let us meet Gabby:

Charity. How she loathed being called that. Her name was Gabriella, Gabby, named for the Angel and while she had never been an angel, she certainly was not now.

Gabby was the eldest of the three girls and she would die to protect her younger siblings. Something she had nearly done to rescue them from the fire that consumed their home and stole their parents from them.

It was possible she might yet make the ultimate sacrifice for them.

They were all three changed now, a demon living within each of them. Her sisters, Michaela and Sophia, were so young and innocent and now, because of Gabby’s choices after the fire, they lived with these clawing monsters within them, monsters that wished to feed and feed often.

The only way her sisters would be fed and allowed to live was for Gabby to work for the Bishop. She was a weapon against the enemies of the Church. This church was not pious and loving, but controlling and powerful.

A succubus lived within Gabby now, merging with Gabby herself until she no longer knew who she truly was before this began.

Gabby hungered for sin, and she sought these sins out with the enemies of her Church, creating them if they were not to be found. It was not the life she had dreamed of but she had begun to find some peace with it. Her sister’s, however, had little peace.

In the coming days, you’ll get introduced to Maggie and you’ll find out just what it means to be Wiccad.

And remember to note in your diary that City of the Wiccad is coming to Amazon Kindle on Monday the 19th of December. Not long to go now. I am so excited.

Sorry, Jaidee. We are so excited.

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