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A week to go. Yes, just a week to go until My Fair Catherine, the second episode of City of the Wiccad, is available for purchase and download on Amazon.

At Halloween, I released a little novelette on Smashwords and then on Amazon. A Victorian ghost story, An All Hallow’s Haunting. This was an introduction to Catherine. She was a teenager then but is now a grown woman as we join her story again. Danger again stalks her, trying to destroy not only her happiness but her life.

I have to admit I am giddy to have you meet Catherine again and begin this part of her story. And not just because it brings Jaidee and Balien into the books. But because Catherine is a wonderful character that I am loving watch transform and grow. She is having to question not only the world around her but who she truly is and the person she wishes to be. And she faces the conundrum that many of us face. Is it okay to need help, to ask for help, or must we always be our own saviour?

As someone who has battled many demons, including those that come with depression, finding myself, becoming who I want to be, I have struggled with that question as well. It is a struggle while society screams opposing views at us, very much so as a woman.

Catherine struggles no less with the concept. Especially as a woman in a time when most women had little power of their own.

The historical backdrop of City of the Wiccad provides modern context and lessons. The people you meet within the pages are relevant to us in the changing times we are part of; the struggles we as a society face.

Society has changed so much since the 1880’s and yet so much has not changed enough.

In My Fair Catherine within a historic and supernatural setting, you will find familiar struggles. So come join Catherine and I, on April 2nd. Perhaps you will find something to aid your journey and your own fight as well.

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