“The death card means that part of your life will die. A part that you no longer need.”

Lotte was lying. While she might read the cards for entertainment, that did not mean she lacked the true gift to read them. The cards were unfortunately very clear in their message. A violent death was to be expected and soon.

A young woman with a talent for tarot and dance seems to be the only chance her friend has when a serial killer comes to Astoria. The cards were clear, a patron of the Ziggy Rose – House of Burlesco was coming to kill. A man who was less a man and more a creature. No one will believe Lotte’s reading, so she must take it upon herself to seek out the killer and keep her best friend safe. But in her world of stage and magic, nothing is ever quite what it appears.

Dark Conjurings, featuring my tale All That Glitters Must Die, is out now! And if you’re a hardback, paperback, or e-book lover, we have you covered.

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I am so super excited to be part of this anthology. A great bunch of authors, a faebulous collection of dark fiction just in time for your Halloween reading. Dark Conjurings is out now, worldwide, so check out the information and links below and make certain you get yourself a copy.

DARK CONJURINGS: A Short Fiction Horror Anthology

Dark Conjurings

“Six gripping tales from new voices in horror and fantasy. Each story in this collection opens a window into a world of dark imaginings where nightmares stalk and shadows linger.”

Stories by Jai Lefay, A.R. Reinhardt, Cassy Crownover, Delia Remington, Karolyne Cronin, and Mimi Schweid.

Edited by Delia Remington.

Cover and Interior Graphics by Cassy Crownover.


HARDCOVER (ISBN# 978-1947181151)

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PAPERBACK (ISBN# 978-1947181144)

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EBOOK (ISBN# 9781947181168)

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