I found this on tumblr and wanted to share it. I’ve been asked before why I would talk about my past, talk about my depression, my self harm, all that kind of thing, I’ve had people tell me I just do it for the attention and to have people say nice things to me. While having nice things said to me is, well, nice, that’s not why I do it. I do it because, at the end of the day, if I can make one person out there feel like they aren’t alone, feel like someone understands, that maybe it can get better, then I have done something good.

I’m not sure that I am going to have anyone say “Because of you I didn’t give up” but I hope that maybe I helped someone out there, because as they say, it does get better. And I just want to say, that if any of my followers here, twitter, facebook, tumblr, or anywhere, are ever feeling alone or needing someone to talk to, if you’re ever going through something and you need an ear, I am here. I am always here, even if we have never talked and even if we never talk after, I am here.

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