My dreams have ever been a source of inspiration for me and amusement for others. Not sure why but the majority of my dreams involve me on the run, saving children or the world. Or they are just strange (Like one dream that had my ex-boyfriend inside  fridge and every time anyone opened the door he would say ‘The phone is ringing’….don’t ask…I don’t know either.)

Last night I had a number of dreams and one was just a little bit more vivid and disturbing. The gist of it as I emailed my best friend was

It started when i was young and an orphaned princess and Gurgi (from the Black Cauldron), the boy who might have been a stable hand, and I were running away. But the new queen and her hunters captured me in the maize fields but the others got away and I grew up never giving up on rescue. The queen would take women dress them in skin suits with their mouths taped shut and she blinded them and then would hunt them and shoot them in the back only one day it was the grown boy to save me and I killed the queen and tried to kill her lover by strangling him only I couldn’t do it and he tried to stab me and my Hero boy threw a dagger past my head into the guys eye and killed him.

Strange I know. This isn’t the first fairy tale like dream I’ve had and I’m wondering if I should be creating a collection of dark fairy tales if I could turn them into real stories. Yes I know, as if I don’t already have enough projects underway. But it would be cool, or maybe an anthology, invite others to share their own dark fairy tale stories. Hmmm I like this idea

*Stokes imaginary beard and wanders off to find coffee*…


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  1. X3 I love Lost Girl. X3

    Some of my most favourite sequences in my novels have come from dreams. I have a rescue sequence that came from a dream… and maaan do I love that sequence. X3

    Maybe you could make a folder and put all your ideas in it for this project, then you can come back to it when you have the time?

    — And, I don’t think it’s a particularly disturbing dream. I mean, it’s violent but the theme, the underlying feeling of it, is hope and strength, and a sense of being supported by someone else who’s got your back. So, from an emotive point of view, I’d actually say it wasn’t so much a bad dream. 🙂

    1. I guess from that point of view it really was a good dream. The whole image of the skin suits the girls were made to wear was a haunting one thought, it went over their faces and everything and *shudders*

      1. Yeah, but there are different aspects of interpretation with dreams. Usually the visuals actually have no meaning, they’re a part of your animal brain or some such–useless detail that means nothing. Generally, the consensus seems to be that it’s the underlying feeling of a dream that matters the most and is the real reflection of where you’re at. (I used to be obsessed with dream interpretation.) So, let go of the creepy visuals, that’s just spam in the brain, has no importance other than your subconscious freaking you out with icky things. 🙂

        1. I’ve only ever really read up on symbolism in dreams and not much else, generally what animals mean in dreams (I have a fascination with totem and power animals) but not so much on other aspects of dreaming. I shall attempt to do as you say and forget the horror movie aspects in place of the overall feeling of the dream *hugs*

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