We could blame the full moon I guess, it being super and all, we could even blame the solstice, or we could just blame my brain. What are we blaming them for? Well for all these cuckoo for cocopops dreams I’ve been having. Night before last it was a nightmare…

Now I know most of you are used to hearing about my dreams of being pursued by elite government teams, murderers, zombies and so on and most might think those are nightmares, but not really, they are just run of the mill action dreams really. The dream the night before last was truly terrifying because it could have been real, real places, real friends, and just normal things happening. Okay not normal, because at the end of the day the people I love and care about don’t treat me like that, and if they did they wouldn’t be in my life. But it still had me in tears on waking and for about an hour after as I struggled to convince myself all the things I was feeling weren’t real, they were left over from the dream and had no basis in reality. But that is what a real nightmare is to me, it takes the things that we truly fear, the greatest insecurities we have, the biggest worries….and exploits them. Those are the dreams that disturb us the most. Well for me. Okay yeah sure, nightmares are still going to entail flesh stripping zombie lakes, giant spider/scorpion creatures, sharks hiding behind the hallway door…. but those are pretty real fears for me, heh.

Last night’s dream wasn’t quite so horrific. I was the member of an elite criminal investigation team, most like Team Secret Squirrel (which if you don’t know is an agency affiliated team of Supes and humans for dealing with Supe related cases, and no it’s not real, it’s a series we are writing). So anyway, I was called in to investigate some murders, we rock up to discover that the house where the murder happened is haunted, like really haunted, enough ghosts and issues for a spectre version of Days of Our Lives, and to make matters worse the house was going to be demolished in about two hours. So of course the house had to be saved so we could sort out of the good and the bad ghosts, move them on and then solve the murder. Logic being what it is in a dream, we decided the best way to do this was through a big dance show. Of course I was the lead…

I’ve been thinking about dance a lot lately. I have a new character in my head who is a dancer and won’t shut the flock up, I’ve been watching Step Up: Revolution (which, yes Kat you were right, came to the movies as Step Up Miami Heat). It’s got me all inspired about the power of dance, which I know a lot of people don’t really understand but for me a dance can be as powerful as the lyrics of a song. Ever seen that Pink song where she has the incredible dance moves and lots of exploding paint powder? Yeah, tell me that dance isn’t powerful. I don’t just mean for that kind of dance though, sometimes just the movement for yourself can be powerful, can be inspiring, healing, expressive. That’s how dance can be for me and I admit I haven’t been dancing as much as I should have been, as much as I need to be.

So anyway, there you go, ramble on from me to you, dancing and dreams. How have you been sleeping?

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