So last night I had a dream. Okay it was this morning, somewhere between the alarm going off at six am and K coming in to jump on me. It wasn’t a good dream and people pissed me off. I mean I was raging homicidal mad and hurt. And then I woke up rather violently for mummy cuddles, which were nice but not actually part of the story…

Now we’ve all been here right? We’ve all had dreams where the people we love and/or are friends with hurt us, upset us, tried to murder us in dreams, right? The question then becomes, how accountable are those people for the action of their dream-self.

Am I the only one who does hold people just a little bit accountable?

I mean I know it isn’t their fault and everything, but chances are if you upset me in a dream and you come into my sphere of influence before the dream has faded well…

Well actually you’re more likely to get evil eyes, a surly tone and perhaps a smack against the forearm. I can’t help it, you were mean so you deserve this shit.

I can’t be alone in this? Surely? Hopefully?….I’m just going to go and sit in the corner now until someone reassures me I’m not the only one who is nuts on this planet.

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  1. <3 You're not the only mad one. We're all nuts in some way. And I sometimes get irrationally angry at people who hurt me in my dreams. Usually, it means I need to play a little unreal tournament or write a scene or six where Hawk comes along and ninja-kills someone just to feel better again. <3

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