There is a reason that I do not do book reviews, I ramble, I know what I like and what I don’t like and I will ramble around in a squiggle and it’s not at all like a book review. With that in mind here we go…

About maybe two years ago, when I was still carving out a place for myself and wet behind the ears in the world of twitter I met Flynn. Well I say I met Flynn but the truth would be to say that a fae bard by the name of Jaidee met Flynn. It was back in the days of late night twitter RP and a mutual friend/character brought us in to a conversation together.

Jaidee taunted death and death fanged at her.

I admit my little bard was somewhat afraid of this vampire assassin. If he could see her now he’d be quite impressed I’m sure but that story is to come and quite possibly off topic for this blog post. So that was how I met Flynn, not knowing at that stage that he was to be immortalised in written word in the novel I have just finished “Eyes of the Seer” by Peter Dawes.

Time has passed since then and I have formed a friendship with the delightful man behind the curtain and I have had “Eyes of the Seer” sitting on my kindle app for a chunk of that time. I started reading it but alas with only my phone or computer to read the ebook on, my brain and eyes rebelled and I left it sitting there. Until this week when I got my Sexy Nexy (aka Nexus 7) and got to finish it.

I had read maybe two or three chapters tops before, devoured the rest in three sittings since.

So the big question being….did I enjoy it.

Yes is being my answer, to quote Love Actually.

I’ve read quite a few vampire tales in my time, and lately haven’t been so in to the first person style of things but with “Eyes of the Seer” it works. I loved being in Flynn’s head (not sure what that says about me really). I enjoyed the characters, connected with them (one in particular and Flynn and I will be having words about what he did involving that character). I formed strong images of the places and items involved. As per usual I am not sure if my images would tie in to what anyone else saw or what was actually described but that as I have said before is me. I enjoyed the plot and am hungry to read more. Especially given that the story didn’t end when the book did… *narrows my eyes at Peter* So I will be needing to jump in to the next one to see what happened next.

I would elaborate more on some of these points but I fear there would be too many spoilers sweetie. Simply said, I enjoyed “Eyes of the Seer” and I would go so far as to recommend it. You can call me bias if you like, after all Flynn did adopt me recently as his little knife girl and I do call him Daddy Dearest now so what can I say. Well I can say this, friendship or not, if I don’t like something then I am not afraid to say it. If I had read it and not enjoyed it I would not be putting the time and wit into writing up this blog post.

I’m rambling again aren’t I?

So yes, go out and get a copy of Flynn’s first adventure. Let me know what you think, let Peter know what you think (trust me on this writers love feedback, well I do…I assume I’m not alone on this.)

And now, I think Daddy Dearest and I need to have a few words concerning a certain character……

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