Are you ready to hear the book title for Faeted Tales Book 1?

Are you?

The name of Faeted Tales Book 1 is…

Curse of the Bard

Oh look, you got a little teaser of what the book cover will look like as well.

Curse of the Bard is the first book of the Faeted. Jaidee Tia’Elnial is only the second true Bard to be born in generations to the Faelrighe. Jaidee is destined for great things. But the tales are clear, those with the greatest destinies live through great hardship to achieve their greatness. To be a true Bard is to be cursed to know true pain. Can Jaidee survive the curse to fulfil her destiny or is she marked for death like those who have come before her?

It was the Curse of the Bard to know pain, to know sorrow, to know death in life. To be a true Bard you had to experience the story to write it for others. The Bard had experienced much, and there was still so much of the story to write. Their stories. Her story.

Oh, yes, we are excited!

I don’t have a release date for the book just yet but hopefully, we’ll have it soon. Curse of the Bard will be available in e-book and in print. I will be doing signed copies too, for those that want one. Pre-orders will be happening once we’re ready to go. And, red tape willing, you’ll be able to buy Faeted Tales merch too in the near future. (As well as Wiccad and other faebulous merch.) I’ll have a little pow-wow about the tax man and we should be good to go. Why, oh why, are these things never easy?

Words cannot even begin to express how excited I am to share Curse of the Bard with you. I began this story in 2009 and it has undergone a huge rewrite to become the exciting story of Jaidee Tia’Elnial.

So, my lovelies, are you excited? Intrigued? Ready to know more? There is plenty to learn about all the characters and the story. Stay tuned to enjoy character collages, quotes from the book and more. And maybe shortly, you will get to see the first little treat.

Thank you so much for taking this trip with me. Seriously, you have no idea how much it means to me to see the same levels of excitement in others. And Jaidee, well, Jaidee thinks it’s totally understandable. Of course, people are beyond excited for her story?

Until next time… Be Wiccad and Faebulous because you absolutely are!


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