I’ve been thinking a bit about friendship and the people we have in our lives. While I agree that the internet has made for amazing friendships I think it’s also made for even more fair weather friends. You know the kind…the ones that love you to death while you’re giving them attention, while you’re there to listen to their life story, make them feel good about themselves, but that ditch you the moment they have the attention of someone “better” or just go quiet when you need them, when you need to be lifted up or given a shoulder and a calming word.

I’ve seen it a lot lately, the people who make someone else feel like shit because they’ve just ignored their “friends” pain, the ones who make someone else feel crappy because they can’t give them the time of day and reply to their contact but can post up on facebook. The arrival of such things as facebook messages telling you when someone saw the message but then no reply comes…I’ve lost track of how many people I’ve seen upset because of that.

It leads me to wonder if we are putting too much energy into people who simply don’t deserve us.

If you can’t treat me with the same level of interest and love as I show you, why should I bother?

If you can’t reply to my message, email, @, text, IM, but you can post up which celebrity fantasy creature’s uncle you are, why should I bother?

If you ditch me for the next pretty face, handsome face that pays you attention and leave me to deal with my problems without a comforting word or thought, why should I bother?

If you backstab, gossip or do other disloyal things, why should I bother?

Why do we bother? Why do we care what people like this think? Why do we give them our best to get little in return?

And what about the people who give us the things we need, who are the friends we desire and deserve, what of them while we give others our time and end up turning to them to bitch about the losers, the disloyal, the assholes, how does that make them feel?

Friendship is an important thing, we all need it, so maybe we should cherish the ones who raise us up, maybe we stop putting so much time and effort into the ones who aren’t actually true and real friends.


At the end of the day

They don’t deserve us. Just think how much happier we’ll be if we put that effort and attention to where it belongs. Hold high those who hold you up, and let the others know where the door is…

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    1. It’s very unfortunate. The concept of giving as well as taking seems to have fallen away as has the concept of loyalty. Here’s to building friendships that are real and matter and feeling good when we think about our friends.

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