A couple of nights ago I was watching a movie, for the life of me I can’t remember which….but it made me think of the movie Legion and my mind got to the different Fallen Angel stories I have been involved in writing over the last couple of years. From that two poems came forth. (The artwork is from DeigoUnspire and fitted with the poetry in my mind.)

Angel of love
What can a fallen angel know about love
The lost and the cast out
The rebels and the refusers
In the wastelands of the world
Of a world that lost paradise
There is no immortality
There can be no forgiveness
There is no going back
Not in a world of chaos
Tainted for now
Cast aside forever
So what is love these
The fallen masses
Outnumbering those who remain
Less or more than they used to be
What use is love
When all you are is hope lost

As time goes by
There was a time when all I sought was a loving word
There was a time when all I wished was to please you
To know I did good
To know that you loved me
To make my place in your grace that you might need me
There was a time

There was a time when love turned to poison
To leave a bad taste in my mouth
Bright futures taste like ashes
There was a time when I saw you truly
The master and the bully
My controlled destiny
There was a time when I fell
And you, you pushed me to it
There was a time that I missed your love
But time moves on

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