I saw Star Trek last night…and yes it was epic and amazing but this post isn’t about reviewing the moving, just a lead in. Because of that I had epic Star Fleet related dreams. I’ve woken with this desire for more epic in my life and less of the mundane.

But how?

Honestly I have no idea. Sam and I were talking about it and we want to be like Rachel Weisz in Bourne Identity. Soft enough to need rescuing but strong enough to be the rescuer too.

I want to have some of the epic adventures we write about. (Clearly not all…especially given how dark things get at times, and the grief I put my characters through at times). I want to be like Rachel, exploring ancient sites with her son and her man at her side (though I would like to avoid being fatally wounded o.o), be righting wrongs, protecting innocents, exploring the line between myth and reality like Lars, Steve, Riz, Crae and all the rest of those kids, to meet Gods and save the world like Els and all the immortals…okay that one is less likely to actually happen but you get the idea. I want to live a life of adventure but how do we do that in this day in age when life so often is day in and day out and is just the grind of modern living, working, having a family, having fun times and being well loved but lacking that spark that we see in the movies and read in books. I know some might say I’m crazy for even thinking it is possible but it is, you see people living exciting lives, and that is what I crave, that is what I will have and not just through what I write. I want to explore the world and see the places of history, feel the energies of these ancient sites, feel the spirit of ancient woods and see if I can glimpse a Mythago hiding in amongst the trees. I want to meet the people that inspire me, I want to meet the people I inspire, I want to live my life to the fullest, and money has always been the thing holding me back. Honestly, money is still the thing holding me back but I am going to change that, still part of me thinks the adventure should start before the money, because that might just be part of the adventure. Where does the future lie? How do I get there? What am I meant to be doing?

I’m not sure, but I want to know.

So to sum up, currently I’m Belle at the beginning of Beauty and the Beast, only I’m just needing the adventure not to find my beast, or my cute little teacup.

And yes, dammit man, I’m breaking into epic song right now.

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