There are a few things that make a day start good. One is realising that it isn’t Thursday, it is in fact Friday and I’m seeing the new Star Trek movie tonight. Another is having a very cute little monster crawl into bed and tell you how much he loves you and likes having you for his Mum. Another is friends that have you giggling and being a weird before you’ve even had breakfast.

Now I know people that argue that internet friends are not real friends and to them I say…I bite my thumb at you sir.

I have awesome, funny, clever, caring friends online, some of my closest friends are ones that have never sat in my lounge and giggled with me or gone window shopping with all the money we don’t have, all the normal kinds of things that friends do, but they have done the things that all friends should do. They have shared good times and bad with me, they have made me giggle, they have shared my pain and I’ve shared theirs. My Sam is an “internet friend” and it means nothing since distant hasn’t kept her from living half the time in the strange place I call a brain. Or what we refer to as the cosy brainspace.

Distance means nothing, internet means nothing, you can still have a connection as strong as if they lived across town. I will not accept the concept that internet friends aren’t real.

However I am open to discussion about my mental stability for being friends with imaginary characters and having been adopted by a killer vampire. There I might be willing to admit that I have some issues. Not that I plan on changing mind you, I know some amazing characters.

*Wanders off singing “My bestie lies over the ocean, my bestie lives over the sea, my besties lies over the ocean oh kidnap and bring her to meeeeeeeeeeeeee”*

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  1. *gigglefits* but what if I’m not real? What if I’m just as imaginary as the characters? What if I turn out to be like Paul Bettany in A Beautiful Mind and you completely fabricated me as well as all the characters I write? *sits back and watches the wheels begin to turn* muahahahahaha

    1. This makes me think two things…could I be that demented, and could I be that clever. Because you and your characters are awesome and if I invented them and you then I deserve ALL THE AWARDS

  2. <3 If you're mad, then so am I, my dear. One of my best friends is my character David. He's my muse and sometimes the only one who can get me off the floor when I'm face down in despair. A psychiatrist once told me that the definition of mental illness that she uses is the answer to this question: can you function day to day as a grown adult? If you can hold down a job, maintain friendships, be a parent, be a wife/husband and "pretend" to be sane with consistency, then that's not mental illness, that's quirky individuality. I think you're wonderfully quirky and fun, and I look to the day when I have the facilities to come and visit my deliciously mischievous friend!
    <3 <3

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