Congratulations, Becca Diane, the winner of a Halloween Book Cover.

I must apologise for the delay in announcing the book cover winner. I did draw it on Friday the 13th as promised, unfortunately, time and real-world obligations got in the way of doing the blog post that day. So here we are, better late than never.

So, our lucky winner gets to select whichever book design she likes and then it will be customised to fit with her book or story at such time as she has one ready to publish. (No pressure or hurry on there.)

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Remember, if you’re looking for an affordable book cover, I have plenty on offer ready to be customised. I am experimenting with new techniques as well as font designs for future offerings. (You should see one of the new layering tricks I learned recently, looks so awesome. Keep an eye out and I will have the new designs available in the future.)

Speaking of book covers. Hold on tight because soon Faeted Tales Book 1 will have a title reveal and a book cover reveal. It’s so beautiful, I can’t even.

Congrats again, Becca Diane, please get in touch with me with your book cover selection.

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