October is generally Scary Movie Month in our household. And it was again this year, well, until I started having more nightmares so we just made it the last few days of the month. Before we cut back on the viewing, while watching Cloverfield I was inspired to write this little Halloween story. The movie was done in an interesting way and it made me wonder about going inside the mind of a character in a scary monster type movie.

The Scary Movie

It’s outside and I’ve seen those movies. I know what happens if we go to investigate. I’m pretty sure I’m not the saviour in this place or the innocent one who lives. I mean, I haven’t had my boobs out on a jetty today or shagged someone tonight while on video camera or something, but I’m not exactly innocent or pure. I’m not the prettiest here tonight at the party either, or the ugliest, though I’m not sure if either of those facts works for or against me. I guess I’m not a Halloween horror movie or story expert. All I know is –

“Holy shit! Did you hear that?”

“Was that a scream?”

The lights are out. I’m guessing that’s not a good sign. And we all know there won’t be a flicker before they come back on. We’re not that kind of rich family who has a generator out back ready to come on. Thank goodness, my phone was already charged. Right, candles, matches, torches. Does the torch even have working batteries? When did we use it last? I think it’s in the –

“Oh god, that is screaming.”

“Is that next door?”

“Oh shit, Kathy and the kids.”

“God, oh god, we have to go out there. We have to check on them or save them. The kids are so young and it’s just them and Kathy.”

“We can’t go out there. You heard the screaming.”

“Yeah, it sounds like people are dying.”

“So? You’re going to sit here like a cowardly sack of shit and let whatever that is kill kids?”

“Get bent.”

“Get bent yourself. I’m going. I’m not dying with dead slaughtered kids on my conscience.”


So, we’re going. Maybe I am the saviour here after all. But come on, even if you don’t like kids, who is that much of a horrible human being they’d happily sit and wait to hear them get killed? I can’t do it. Won’t.

But it’s out there. Whatever it is, we know it’s out there. I am going to regret this I know but hey, I’ll die trying to be a hero and if there is something after this maybe that will earn me some brownie points.

Oh god, it’s out here.



It’s going to –

Scary Picture

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