Love is, actually, all around.

As they say in the movies. And it’s true, and today being the 14th of February here in New Zealand, it’s all about love.


I would like to say that it isn’t just about romance. It’s about all the love we’ve found and grown and want to celebrate with lovers and friends alike. And, of course, it’s about loving ourselves. I was naughty and bought myself a Valentine’s present. I got a mini mud cake to tell me that I lurve me too. (I’d take a picture but the lovely fluffy pink icing on top stuck to the paper bag and now, well, it’s not so pretty but still going to be delicious.) (There might be a life lesson there that even if our icing is a bit wrecked, we’re still a tasty treat.)

With the state of the world of late, we all need to feel a little bit of the love. I know a lot of people who are so depleted they just have nothing left to give to their friends really, and while sometimes that can be a bit hard to take as the friends, it’s understandable. But please, even just for today and even if it does drain you, make sure your loved ones know that they are just that. Tell your friends that you love them. Tell your partner they’re still the one. Scream from the rooftops that you adore yourself. No one should ever have to wonder if you still care, and even if this day is commercialised to hell, so effing what? It doesn’t change the fact that it can be a wonderful reminder to celebrate love in all the forms we find it.

The world is dark and scary, and we can all use that warm fuzzy feeling of knowing someone cares about us.

On the romantic side of things,

I’ve put on my YouTube love songs writing list. It’s every growing and there are so many songs that I’ve forgotten.

So, with that in mind, what are your favourite lovey-dovey songs? What songs make you sway with a smile on your face? They could be songs for your own relationship. Or maybe that remind you of the most romantic love stories you’ve ever read, watched or listened to. I want to know, so then I can add them to my list if they make me feel that same warm fuzzy way.

It’s not always a happy day for some, probably for many, but you are not alone, and you are loved. It’s hard, I know, to feel so strongly for someone and not have it returned. Be it romantic or friend-love. (Yes, I believe that friend-love can be as hard and as heartbreaking as romantic feelings and I think we should realise that and respect it more. I’ve had friendship love break-ups that were far worse than any romantic breakup that came before them.)

So, come find me if you are feeling alone and unloved and I will shower you in hugs and cute loving gifs. Because if you are reading this, odds are that I freaking adore the heck out of you. Even if we’re not as close as we once were, chances are I still freaking adore the heck out of you and miss your ass. (Not literally, or maybe literally, who knows.)

So go forth and embrace the loving feels you feel. Tell people you love them. Look in a mirror and tell yourself that you love you. (You should because you’re flipping faebulous and amazing.)

And then go and put in the comments your lovey song choices. Or read my Christmas story about Friend Love.

And remember,

I love you, forever and always.

Valentine Picture love

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