Sunday morning and the menfolk are happily entertained so I have my headphones on and am sitting down with a novelette in front of me in need of editing. You see, I had grand plans of having the first Faeted Tales book finished for my Hatchday. And then, like a crazy person, I decided that I had new and amazing ways to make the story better so all but scrapped 50% of the story I had already written, took 30% and decided it would be in a different book later on and left myself with a whole lot of work to do.

So, no, the Faeted Tales first book will not be out in less than two weeks. But, I did want to release something on my Hatchday as a little treat for everyone. So, I have an announcement…

Birthday book release

It is with much excitement that I can announce that my novelette Thief in the Night will be released on my birthday, the 17th of August. Thief in the Night is a Tale of the Wiccad with characters that will become part of the stories of the City of the Wiccad series. Some of you will have read the original short story, but there have been some changes and expanding of the story as it fits into the world of the Wiccad.

Now, City of the Wiccad – Episode 1: Beginnings had a little bit of naughtiness but I should tell you all right now, Thief in the Night is most definitely what you would call an erotic tale. Fair warning.

So, yes, my gift to you all on my birthday will be a new story to purchase and enjoy.

Now, if you’re wondering what do you get an author for their birthday, or a Princess Bard, let me tell you.

  2. Buy the books, read the books and leave a review
  3. Get other people to buy the books
  4. Buy the Princess Bard books to read. I have a wishlist of books I want that range from the Mary Poppins books to the latest James Rollins novel, the Midnight, Texas books by Charlaine Harris, and so many more. Bonus points and forever love would go to anyone who found me ‘The Singing Stone’ by O.R. Melling
  5. Make FanArt for the books. Make Gifs or Manips. Write in crayon on a piece of paper that you love the books.
  6. Agent Carter’s lipstick. Now, everyone knows my love for Peggy, she’s actually a loud voice in my head crying out for story and do you know how much I would love to be rocking the Besame Cosmetics 1946 – Red Velvet Lipstick?
  7. Scrivener Writing Software. Enough said.
  8. Commission art of the characters. Know someone who could draw the cutest Victorian Witch? Go on with your bad self! Know someone who could bring Jaidee to life in amazing shades of colour? I would love you not just forever but 5ever.
  9. Did I mention buy the books?
  10. Send me a selfie of your gorgeous self holding a happy Hatchday message
  11. Jim Henson’s The Storyteller. Oh, my memories.
  12. Sign up to the blog.
  13. Pay for a yearly PO Box subscription
  14. Share links for the books, the blog, for me
  15. Commission a set of my affirmation cards, or another creation. (Okay, so they aren’t on sale yet, I don’t even have a price yet but feel free to commission me to make you a set)
  16. And finally. Buy the books, read the books, leave reviews.

Cheeky list I know, but that’s a look inside the mind and the desires of The Princess Bard. Honestly, the greatest Hatchday gift you could ever give me is to help me achieve my dreams. Help me take over the world. I mean, make a living as a writer, crafter and Princess Bard.

So, hold tight, there will be another post about Thief in the Night soon. And this week will also see the release of Part 7 of The Bloodied Briar. (Catch up on the last part here)

I’m going to be a busy Princess Bard for the next few weeks leading up to my Hatchday. Wish me luck and send me coffee.

Be Wiccad!


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  1. have found the singing stone and brought it for your birthday, wont be here till the end of august or beginning of September

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