Recently I did another motivational course. I walked away from it a little letdown. This course lacked the interaction that I feel is so important for helping people change their lives. It’s all very well to talk at people and give advice but when one does not actually respond their feedback does not really give them any real help. There were so many of us and each of us was vying for what little attention there was to go around and it was not a lot.

It made me sad, not just for me, but for those who walked away disillusioned or who would be back to old habits quickly because the impact of the course was not as earth moving as it could have been. Some days even a little encouragement on a personal level can change our lives for the better.

I have long wanted to help people, and sure part of me loves the idea of standing in front of a packed-out auditorium and have people crying or screaming out as I speak. You know, basically be Oprah. But that’s not actually what I want to do. It’s very easy to inspire a person for an evening or a day, it’s much harder to empower them to go forth and make great changes and transform. Harder still if they are made to feel like a faceless person, or when they are a person who shares something very personal only to get nothing back.

I understand why it works that way for most cases, but I don’t think that’s what I want to do. What I want to work far more personally to make a person feel like they matter and are completely important at that moment. I don’t want someone sharing something that might be really hard for them to share and them not get the reassurance, help or sympathy that they might be needing. That doesn’t help them.

If someone is paying for a service, they should get their monies worth. Or else they won’t bother trying.

That might seem ridiculous to some people, but to a lot of people, it is the reality. Anxiety, depression or even just a terrible, horrible, no good day, can lead to people becoming completely disillusioned very quickly. And I do not believe people should just get over that, or try harder. Especially if there is a medical reason for it, and that’s what anxiety and depression are. They’re illnesses, like a cold or a stomach bug. You don’t tell someone who is puking their guts out to just stop and get over it. It doesn’t work that way, and when someone is brave enough to seek out some help or encouragement as they seek to transform themselves, the little things can make or break it.

I don’t want to break someone. I want to go out there and help a person glow with the brightest light and help them. Not throw them fifteen steps back because I was too busy with other commitments.

I want to really help people transform themselves and become the best person that they can be.

Now, I’m still working on the how of helping.

Planning brain storming

Goddess Within dancing keeps coming back, helping women become more comfortable and confident in their bodies, no matter their shape or size or level of dance training. That one is a special idea for me, and it’s something I kept putting off because I wasn’t a size ten (NZ sizing), or hell, even a size twelve. And honestly, doesn’t that completely defeat the purpose of Goddess Within dancing? In person and online it could work.

I’ve thought about working with women on a more spiritual level. Helping them discover what path is for them and have the confidence to be proud of it.

I’ve thought about working with people about crystals and colours. Affirmations and cards. Clothing (hey, buddy trip to Two Lippy Ladies and we can show you it’s not scary to try new things and dress how you want to). I’ve thought about care packages. I remember one friend was having a heck of a time and I took some time out to take them a little food package of treats and spend some adult time with them. I’ve ended up doing that a few times with new mums now and wow, is it usually appreciated and then some.

I’ve thought about working through challenges. 5 days or weeks. Through books and workshops and workbooks, e-books and more. Social media posts and groups.

Maybe all of the above is the path I should go. I want to change the world and I want to change lives. So maybe all. Maybe start with one and bring in the rest. After all, as Dirk says – Everything is connected.

How would you like help to transform your life?

My business plan is underway, and I would love your feedback. I’ve been asked a lot lately what I really want to do with my life. Writing is right up there on the list, but so is helping people. Helping people, especially women, to transform and to shine.

We all deserve to shine and I know I can help.

I can’t wait to hear back from you and until then,


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  1. If you’re looking for something like that and not finding it then others will be too! Perhaps it will fall on you to deliver it to others? Go hard for your dreams!!

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