Dreams are something that I am somewhat famous for amongst my friends. I have vivid dreams, I have crazy dreams and sometimes I have bad dreams. Some nights my mind hates me.

I am no stranger to nightmares, I have traumatised many with my midnight screams. Sometimes maybe there are things to read into more, last night I’m not so sure. See a local sports celebrity Jesse Ryder, of Black Cap (cricket) fame was badly beaten night before last and is now in critical condition in hospital. So of course last night I dreamed that I had a group attack me. Really, no need to analyse that dream and figure out how I feel about my brother’s uncle’s mother’s flatmate.

I tend to dream vividly, bright colours, lasting sensations even after waking, and dear lordie the exhaustion. It is possible to get 8 hours of sleep and wake up twice as exhausted as when I went to bed. Many dreams have spawned storylines, good and bad. I’m not so keen to use any of last night’s dreams really. I put my characters through enough without having them beaten by a gang of thugs, and as for the stalking, well, we’ve already been there and done that with my little actress Casey. (Word to the wise, hiding in an alley is a really dumb way to get away from a creepy stalker. #themoreyouknow)

I have already put a booking in for tonight’s dreams and have a vampire and werewolf who have offered to make sure there is no badness, and if there is promised some good healing. As for last night, I am not going to read the news before bed again and I blame that damn full moon. The way it lights up the bedroom is bound to cause trouble. *Shakes a tiny fist of doom skyward*

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