It’s been one of those weeks so far, the weeks where I know I have purpose and that there is something I am meant to be doing, if not for the betterment of mankind than for the betterment of myself. The Lad is reading ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’ again and getting inspired. (Well read it actually, while I part made 2 necklaces and wrote some words last night he read the whole thing)

Talks have been deep, and not so deep. Money is a big topic, the future, dreams, paths that could be walked, paths that should have been walked when the big city was left behind, mistakes made, lessons learned, things that had to be done now so they won’t be done later. There has been a lot of talking and even more thinking.

One big thing that was talked about last night was that little concept of confidence, and that successful people are generally not that ones who second guess and who doubt, but who step up, stand up, take the risks and get other people to buy in and take the risks. We all know I have some serious confidence issues that seem to have started at primary school and yes we’ve briefly touched on those before. But I’m not a little kid who should care what people who aren’t important to me think, I’m not a little kid who should second guess my own knowledge and skills. Not anymore. I’m not a kid at all, well okay, in some ways I will never grow up…but you know what I mean.

This week I posted up on twitter a picture of me without make up…I’m even using it on Facebook as my avi. Big huge step for me for my confidence in my appearance. But wait…there is more… it needs to continue, I need to have confidence in me. And yes I am singing Sound of music styles now…

I tease the Lad about being the Golden Boy but that shouldn’t be a bad thing, and yes it does suck that it’s not something I can easily achieve in the way he does, in business, it’s a sad truth that upper management in finance companies and the like are boys clubs still for the most part, but that’s a different post entirely. Why shouldn’t I be a Golden Girl in my own way? (and no I’m not becoming Blanche lol)

My best friend is constantly trying to make me see how wonderful I am, so many have tried to get me to see this and maybe it’s time for me to see it. Hi, my name is Justine, and I’m actually quite fantastic, how would you like to help me succeed? See, how hard was that? I can do this, kickstarter project maybe, maybe something else. I don’t know yet, but I’ll be thinking about that today. Also I’m going to be giving the blog a makeover, well best I can with my limited HTML and programming knowledge, but we’ll muddle through.

I think I had another point to make but the ramble took over and here we are.

Also, please don’t hate me when you’re still singing Sound of Music songs tonight as you fall asleep. It’s not my fault. Honest.

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