You know, it really seems illogical to not love ourselves, but so many of us don’t and then so often when we start to its construed as being a negative thing and being egotistical or even selfish. I know most days I don’t love myself, some days I don’t even like myself and I wonder if anyone else does or if they do I can’t understand why. Then other days I can see all the wonderful things about myself and I can see how loved I am…I’m not sure if I love myself on those days but I certainly like myself a lot more.

Mission for today, say ‘I love myself’. Actually aloud say ‘I love myself’. Remember, one must not tell lies. Believe it.


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  1. caring for yourself, giving yourself the space you need and standing up for your needs as a human being is not being selfish.

    I didn’t realise that I was starting to care about myself until one day someone asked me to do something I would ordinarily do no matter how I was feeling, and I said no, that I needed a rest day and that we could hang out another day. Looking after ourselves is important, and it comes with loving ourselves. I think.

    *gentle hugs* And you a very certainly loved, my dear. <3

  2. I feel guilty sometimes when I take a “me” day or when I tell someone no. It is getting easier and easier to do so, but sometimes….just sometimes, it sneaks up on me and makes me feel bad about taking care of me first.

    On the other hand, I get chewed out for taking care of simple needs for myself, like sleep. If I can’t sleep at night, then it is just logical that I will sleep during the day to get rest that is necessary for health and well being. Yet some people assume that I can live without sleep. Nope. I love myself too much for your expectations and assumptions to get under my skin any longer. (At least that is what I am going to say to the next griping drama monger.)

    I do love that you posted about it, LL!

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