Last night for the first time in what seemed like forever I had the time and the brain to just sit down, relax and write. It felt wonderful. Granted it took about 45 minutes to get my body and brain to actually focus, I changed seats, I changed rooms, I changed music, I got grumpy that the Boderlands 2 gaming going on was too loud and breaking past the music in my headphones, I wrote lines, I deleted lines and then finally things settled down and I got to the writing.

This is what often happens when I haven’t written so much and have lost the habit. It’s a hard battle to win sometimes, and in the past after 20 minutes I might have up and given up but I didn’t, I just kept battling and trying and eventually the words began to flow. I wrote 2190 in the couple of hours. Which isn’t the fastest I’ve written, nor the most for one sitting but I felt accomplished and I really liked what I had written. (A flash back for the Shadows of Avalon kids, focusing on Myrddin and Niniane who I am not going to tell you what her name in the modern story will be and ruin it all for you.) It felt really good to write that much and to get somewhere. Life has been so hectic with work, and moving and Christmas and having the K-monster who takes up quite a lot of time funnily enough.

But I will find the time because I need to write, I am happiest when I am writing and getting those words to flow, I can’t help myself, it is just who I am.

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