For the first morning since day light savings started I haven’t woken feeling like a complete and total zombie. In fact I woke feeling pretty good. Maybe it was dreaming being a badass detective with a big gunfight alongside my partner (In this case a character of mine Izzy, who if she was brought to life on screen I would cast as Lena Heady.) It’s always good to feel like a badass, gets the blood pumping.
And then I heard a song that I have become quite fond of:

It inspires me back to our Shadow of Avalon series. So I am inspired for all the heroic warriors and powerful ladies and epicness. I got a little poem out, not my best but I think with some tweaking it could inspire something more.
Who are we?
Hearts bound out of time
Another life I’ll make you mine
In blood and fire
Though pain and hate
You soul is mine to take
The poem will make sense once you’ve all read the stories and know Nyssa and Adrian, Gwyn and Lance and all the other amazing characters that are coming to life in the cosy brainspace. But for now I am inspired and I feel incredible. I haven’t stopped smiling all morning. I love feeling this good!

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