As I think I’ve written before I often have strange and vivid dreams. This seems to increase at certain times, especially at the time of the full moon which is approaching. Actually I think it’s tonight or tomorrow night. But pulling this ramble back in….I had a hellova night last night for tossing and turning and horrible dreams that left me with tears on my cheeks or a very horrible feeling inside. One dream wanted to be written. As I’m working just a little blurb has been created but hopefully this will at least mean it is out of my head. Well I call it a dream, it was in fact a nightmare….

A palm connected with Maria’s cheek and the sting brought tears to her eyes. She bit her lip to keep from crying out, she would be punished further for that. Two weeks now the frat boys had kept her prisoner here. She was their Cinderella only in this story there was no prince coming to rescue her. The only thing that lay ahead of her was days and nights of cooking and cleaning and getting the shit kicked out of her if she did not meet the high expectations of these rich little assholes. Well until one of them really lost his temper and Maria lost her life. They said that was what had happened to their last wench. 

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